The Independent Film School in New York, New York - Ela Thier Independent Film School is NOT place for success


This was a waste of my time and money. Dont fall for this fraud. You WONT learn how to get an agent. You WONT learn how to market your screenplay. You WONT find anyone successful in the “class” to network with. All you WILL do is meet a bunch of talentless losers who whine about their failures and blame their failures on “capitalism” or the “patriarchy”

The *** who leads this “class” is pretty smug for someone who has never had a real movie played in a real American theater. My boyfriends Youtube videos have had more viewers than this chicks socalled “films.”

All you really “learn” in this “class” is how to post begging screeds to crowdfunding websites (gofundme, kickstarter, ect) and mooch off of family and friends for money to make your “movie”

If you know how to read, just buy the Writers Market book for Screenplays. It’s a *** of a lot cheaper than the bullsh-t “advice” you get from IndieFilmSchool (theindependentfilmschool.com)

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New York, New York
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